Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Honest Editing

I've been working on my first chapter (again). I know I shouldn't but I couldn't help it.

I must admit I was proud of the opening hook after the last rewrite, but on reflection it’s -well -er -um crap.

I still want the same hook but damn I need to write it better.

I've been working on the rest of the chapter the last few days and today I realised what was wrong with it. It is boring - really boring.

I need to get rid of the rubbish. I can fix the pacing problems of this chapter by keeping the last part of the chapter as that's quite strong. There is some essential information that needs to go in somewhere, but I can work that into any of the first half a dozen or so chapters and there is one plot-device that needs to be retained. That I've decided can be moved into the next scene.

Problem solved.


  1. I never edit until I've finished the book. Otherwise I would never have anything more than a first chapter to edit.

  2. I can't help it. I try to resist the urge but sometimes it just gets me. Also, the chapter I'm writing at the moment is in a bit of a lull.


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