Monday, 3 November 2008

Have I or Haven't I...

...finished that chapter?

I needed to tell myself that Chapter 16 was over and done with just to get a completion goal (it was dragging on that long). The question is have I actually finished that chapter or not?


Well here's the deal. The structure I have chosen for my WIP is the cliffhanger structure. That's all well and good because it is genre fiction and I want it to be a page turner. My chapters, on average are about 2000 words. I think I have one chapter that is about 3000 words.

Now, I am writing my candy bar scene, and typically for me it is a large candy bar. I've hit the 2000 word mark and I've got nice cliffhanger in there too, but the scene is not over by a long shot. I can easily get at least another 2000 words out of it hence the chapter break.

So here's the all important question. Is it OK to have a scene stretch over two chapters and has anyone here read a published book that has done this?

For the moment I will continue to write the scene in Chapter 17 but I can always merge the two chapters. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Update: I should add that I am writing 3rd person limited. I have one viewpoint only so I can't just move to another scene then return to this one.

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