Thursday, 14 August 2008

Baby Steps

Q. Did I get any writing done last night?

A. Yes! Yes I did!

Q. Was it much?

A. Um... No not really.

Q. How much was it?

A. About 200 words or so...

Q. 200? Just 200 words?

A. Yes. Baby steps. It's hard when you haven't written for a while.

Q. Why?

A. It takes time to get the creative juices flowing, and you can be distracted quite easily.

Q. So, was it worth it?

A. Absolutely! What a dumb ass question! The small steps I made last night will keep things ticking over. Already I have ideas of how I can improve, not what I wrote last night, which was largely editing and finishing off a scene, but what I wrote several days ago.

Q. Are you going tell us then?

A. Tell you what?

Q. I ask the questions here! That's twice now.

A. That wasn't a question.

Q. Oh shut up!

A. That wasn't a question either.... Hey wait a minute! You're me, you can't talk to me like that!


  1. Hey! remember me? I visit your blog pretty often because of the links and writing resources you have and your witty posts, your blog really needs more publicity, you might already be knowing about but just incase you didn't I think you should create an account and publicize this blog, really it's brilliant it puts my measly blog to shame. Anyhow excellent blog here!

  2. Hi, yes of course I remember. You're one of the few people to stick around here!

    I have thought about creating an account but I'm not sure it would be worthwhile for me; because I only post in work to try to make sure I do some form of writing nearly every day. The thing is, it looks like I'll be made redundant in the next week or so, and I won't be posting from home. (That’s why some the posts have been a bit down recently). I'll just have to see what happens with work.

    You should post a link to your blog in the comments section. I'd like to read it.


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