Monday, 8 September 2008

The Monday Morning Write-up

Whoo hoo! I’m onto Chapter 15 which should put me around half way through my novel, but it doesn’t... A rough guess is that it'll be at the 30,000 mark at the moment, but I think the actual word count is a little more than that. I’ll have to check it out tonight. So, I’m still only just over a third of the way through my planned number of words.

The reason I'm on Chapter15 rather than 14 is that I kinda cheated actually. I decided to split my manuscript into 3 acts or, as I’ve named them, parts I, II and III. The first split occurs at during Chapter 7, which is a comparatively long chapter for my book. My main character’s circumstances change significantly half way through that chapter, and will again change significantly between Chapter 18 and 19. So I split Chapter 7 into two shorter chapters of around 1500 words each.

Now, that leaves another 7 to 10 chapters for my manuscript to reach its final conclusion, which meets my aims of around 30 chapters for the finished book.

I had a-heart-in-mouth moment when I thought I’d lost some of the work I’d written that evening. No biggie – it was only about 500-600 words, but let that be a lesson to me to backup more frequently!!!!

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