Thursday, 18 September 2008

Struggling to Eat a Candy Bar

My fear of getting things wrong struck down my writing fingers over the last few days. I have been searching for information regarding navigation in space, in particular, referencing in-system astronomical bodies during combat manoeuvres. Can’t find the kinda thing I am looking for though.

I remember reading something in The Lost Fleet: Fearless where Jack Geary refers to an axis plane that referenced the star in that system, but I can’t remember whether it is relative to the ship or other planets or even the apparent centre of the galaxy. I can’t imagine it’s the centre of the galaxy as that isn’t something easily recognised in the heat of battle, so it has to reference something within the system. The search continues, but I can see I’m going to have to dive back into Fearless again to get some keywords to use for my search. Otherwise, I’ll be stuck on the candy bar forever!

Anyway, on my travels I cam across Astronomy for Science Fiction Writers, which has some nice articles on it.

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