Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Strike While the Iron is Hot

I've been mulling over a post on The Challenges of Writing 3rd Person Limited, but I've not yet committed pen to paper (as it were).

This is probably one of the best reasons I can think of for posting from home rather than in work. By the time I am ready to post from work I usually cannot remember that amazing idea I had a few days previously, or if I can the ideas just doesn't seem as good because I have forgotten some important or stand-out aspect of it. Sometimes it's simply because the amazing idea just wasn't that amazing to begin with.

On this occasion though I think I can do justice to a post on writing perspective, certainly on this perspective because I am over a third of a way through my novel and I had already worked out what aspects would suffer by choosing that perspective in the first place, but I am also acutely aware of the immediacy it brings to my character and his set of circumstances.

What I am rambling about today is I that want to do that post well, and not slam it out on a lunch break, or worse during training. The training I am undergoing at the moment is just a refresher, as it is role I have performed before, but I have to at least look like I am listing to the trainer LOL.

Have you guessed I have nothing to really post about today? Yes? I thought so. I didn't get anything done last night and I might not be able to commit to doing much tonight either arrrggghhh, (hold it together - hold it together, just write a little so that you can get your fix) but I have cool things going on in my story at the moment and I want to write it (now) so who knows.

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