Friday, 18 July 2008


First some sad news: Publishing News will publish its final issue on 25 July.

Nathan Bransford is all excited, and has just posted the mini-review of his new Kindle.

BookEnds, LLC gets in on the act with Out of Control Clients and the continuing rumblings about Moonrat's experience with a boorish author. Also on BookEnds Jessica reveals How Much to Tell when querying agents.

Agent Kristin's blog has been covering a few Beginning Writer Mistakes that she's stumbled upon recently, and Titles: Another Writer Mistake?

Continuing on the mistakes front: Rachelle Gardner on Rants and Ramblings has listed the mistakes Making it Easy to Say No.

And finally, The Rejecter has been fairly quiet of late so I thought I would mention her most recent post Amazon Rankings and Ice Fishing, which covers author obsession with Amazon's ranking system.

Have a Great Weekend!

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