Tuesday, 22 July 2008

More mistakes!

On Friday, Agent Kristin posted her most recent article on Beginning Writer Mistake (Take 4). This one is about info dumps, and how they can sneak in without the author realising it.

Well worth reading.

Unfortunately, it also looks like the last instalment of this impromptu series, for the moment. As for my line edits last night, there weren't nearly as many mistakes as I thought there would be. I had a feeling that I may have overused a couple of words, and I felt I was repetitively explaining the technology involved. When I went back over it, I hadn’t used the words quite as often as I had thought, and the explanations were appropriate.

I think I felt I had made the mistakes simply because of my closeness to the project, and because I had been writing that particular sequence for what seemed like ages.

It's good to take a step back sometimes and try to look over what you've written in the same way as a critique partner would.

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