Wednesday, 11 June 2008

First Mutterings

A muttering post to start with, that is until The Muse gets here.

The Muse actually seems to be with Holly Lisle. Check out her website. It has stacks of information for new writers, and for more seasoned writers, who may be having problems with writer's block, middles, or anything else writing related.

I've just started reading The Electric Church. Wow! What a great start. Inspiring for me, because I first came across Jeff Somers work on Janet Reid's blog, and noticed it has some elements which matched my current WIP. So, I thought I'd see how a published author has dealt with the subject matter, and found that some of the issues I have struggled with are now much clearer to me. It means some minor tweaking of some of the chapters I've written so far, but it whould make my work a whole lot better.

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