Monday, 16 June 2008

The Monday Write-up

20 scenes outlined. Sorted. 'Yeah rite!'

Okay, so what did I get done then? Well, I finished The Electric Church by Jeff Somers. Brilliant. A thoroughly enjoyable read, and very highly recommenced. I've started The Digital Plague also by Jeff Somers, and so far it is also very, very good.

As far as writing is concerned? Well, I had lots of real things to do, which meant I didn't sit down to write an awful lot, but I did make progress on Chapter 10 of my novel.

For some reason this has been the most troublesome of all the chapters I've written so far. Quite possibly to do with the mistakes I made when outlining (yes the mistakes I was supposed to be putting right over the weekend).

Although this chapter may end up on the editing room floor, I feel it has it's place simply because this is the first time, after meeting, my two main characters have a chance to talk without bullets flying, and we do find out a little bit more about both of them. So it certainly checks the box for character conflict, but it doesn't really advance the plot very much. Although it does signpost, to the reader, where the story is going.

I am also having an issue with this chapter's ending. My novel so far has followed a cliffhanger structure, but in this chapter I feel the ending is a little weak in comparison to some the others. I think the chatty nature is needed though, because the previous couple of chapters were pretty hectic, and this provides the reader with a little breathing space.

So, at the moment, the chapter stays, and I've made a decision on how this chapter will end. Tonight, after work, I should hopefully get this chapter where I want it going, or if not tonight then certainly tomorrow morning, before work.

We'll see...

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