Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Impending Doom

Did I say Chapter 11 was complete? Ha ha!

How wrong was I?

Well it was sort of finished. The only problem was when I wrote the next scene, which kicked off Chapter 12, and realised it didn’t fit Chapter 12.

It's an exciting scene, involving more shooting, but I unintentionally turned it into a cliff-hanger. Which is good, but it's a better cliff-hanger than the one that ended the preceding chapter.

So, I’ve moved the scene, and used it to round off Chapter 11. Now instead of a chapter that ends with the suggestion of impending doom, it ends with apparent doom.

Of course the protagonist and his sidekick are not dead otherwise the book would be very much on the short side.

Anyway, it also means I have to add a few bits and bobs into the run-up to the scene, just to make it fit perfectly. It’s like jigsaw piece that hasn't been pressed in firmly. A couple of lines here and there will sort it, and then it's onto Chapter 12 (again).

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