Friday, 13 June 2008


Hi and welcome to the first ever Fridayitis on The Wannabe Scribe.

The first in a regular series posted every Friday (yes really! Can't you tell by the title?).

OK So what have we got? Well, just a collection of things going on in the Book World and the Blogosphere.

First up we have the conclusion of this week's hot topic over on Nathan Bransford's Blog: Can I Get A Ruling? Will the Coming E-Book Era be a Good Thing? Also, as a run up to this debate: How Will Authors make Money? and More on E-books. And finally on Nathan's Blog, read what started this all off: Paul Krugman on E- books and the publishing industry.

Janet Reid has posted an interesting piece on a very dodgy scam. Read Denny Hatch's story in full here.

And, just to round off, (I actually read this a couple of weeks ago so it's not new) it's a short story by Tony Daniel, and it's called A Dry, Quiet War, and it impressed me hugely. Maybe I'm too easily impressed, I dunno, but it was thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless.

Have a great weekend.

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